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Areas of Expertise:


Hearing Aids:

  • All major international brands and models

  • Repairs and modifications

  • Supplies and batteries

  • 24/7 Hearing Aid drop off

  • Drying cases/dehumidifiers

  • Cleaning tools

Hearing Healthcare Products:

  • Assistive listening devices- captioned/amplified telephones

  • Aural rehabilitation programs

  • Custom hearing protection for musicians and hunters

  • Musician's monitors- universal and custom

  • Earmolds and ear impressions

  • Ear drops for itching ears

  • Ear spray for wax removal

2518 Westminister St.

Pearland, Texas 77581

Call: 281-317-4010

No-cost captioned phone

Call to see if you’re eligible 281-317-4010
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