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Pearland Hearing Aids & Audiology Provices Services for Hunters/Shooters

For hunters and shooters:

We offer a wide range of custom hearing protection from passive to digital earplugs. Whether you're an avid hunter or you occassionally go to the gun range we have options for you! Below are just a few examples.

DefendEar Hunter Passive


For hunting environments where a low number of shots are fired. The Hunter Passive utilizes small orifice non-linear acoustic filters. A low NRR of 4 allows for awareness and communication.

DefendEar Digital Hunter


The Digital Hunter Normal Mode provides the most amplification of low volume sounds for detecting game movement. The Wind Mode reduces wind noise typical in the open range and in hunting stands.


Takes a size 13 battery.


Each product in the DefendEar Digital product line uses CENS eletronic modules for impulse noise suppression and ambient noise amplification. Not recommended for indoor use or as a replacement for hearing aids.

DefendEar Digital 1 and 2


Digital 1: provides excellent universal noise suppression, wind reduction, and ambient amplification for a variety of shooting environments. 


Digital 2: Includes two modes allowing for flexible noise suppression. The Game Mode is optimized for intermittent shots and the Clay Mode is optimimized for continuous shots.

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