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Pearland Hearing Aids & Audiology has something for everyone!

Whether you're a music lover, around the water, or love to get some rest, we've got custom earmold options for you!

Aquanots/Surfer earplugs


Aquanots prevent moisture from entering the ear canal; optimal for swimming, water sports, and showering to prevent infection. Aquanots are floatable and are clearly marked right and left so you cannot mix them up.


DefendEar surfer plugs are designed to prevent Surfer/Swimmer's ear caused by exposure to cold water and wind. The floatable material is molded with a sealed membrane spanning a sound bore that keeps cold water and air out of the ear canal but allows for conversation and hearing while in the ear.

DefendEar Sleep plugs


These sleep plugs are designed to promote comfortable and uninterrupted rest. Great for shift workers and credited with saving many relationships!


Available in different colors.

Airpod/earbud earmolds


These custom earmolds can be added to any ear bud. They give great fidelity of music and you won't have to turn your volume up as much. They also have a great fit and stay in the ears- perfect for the active person who is always adjusting their ear buds after they fall out!

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