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Pearland Hearing Aids & Audiology Provides Services for Musicians and Music Lovers

Custom musician monitors and concert earplugs


We provide universal and custom musician's monitors, concert earplugs, and we also provide  deep ear impressions needed to order custom monitors from popular online companies such as Westone, 64 Audio, ACS custom, AlClair, Sensaphonics, Alien Ears, Empire Ears, and ClearTunes. Many different color options and customizations are available. 

Universal monitors


Designed for the music enthusiast these universal monitors are the perfect solution for those who do not want to compromise on high-end sound in a lightweight and exceptionally comfortable package.

For extra comfort we can create a custom eartip to attach the end of your universal monitors. Simply remove the universal ear bud and attach your custom eartip.

DefendEar Concert Earplugs


The concert earplugs are ideal for musicians and concerts, but is also popular with music teachers, dentists, flight attendants, and anyone who needs to hear accurately in high-noise environments.


Flat attenuation allows the wearer to hear sounds accurately but at reduced levels.


Choose from 9/15/25 dB filters. Also comes with a solid interchangable plug.


Custom monitors
With multiple driver options, customizable colors and faceplates, and the perfect custom fit these monitors deliver a great audio experience for musicians in any venue!
There's a wide range of customizable options to create your perfect look and various series depending on the fidelity of sound you're looking for.
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