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Reviews of Pearland Hearing Aids & Audiology and Dr. Chris F. Araj

Check out what our patients have to say:

James from Pasadena
"I went to Dr. Araj for replacements and was impressed with his knowledge of the latest hearing devices and his concern for my hearing issues.  Dr. Araj has so much patience and his explanations were clear and understandable.  I selected the option that was best for me and am satisfied with the results as they are better than my previous devices.  The coordination with the supplier and Dr. Araj was excellent and I would recommend his services to anyone."
Linda from Pearland
"I was referred to Dr. Araj by a fellow church member. I was very apprehensive about the visit but was put at ease by Dr. Araj's caring and professional manner. He explained every test and apparatus thoroughly and took as much time as he felt I needed to be comfortable with any decision I would make. I wore my "temp" hearing aids for about 3 weeks to be certain that this was the right solution to my problem. I received my final set of aids today and couldn't be more pleased! I would recommend Dr. Araj and Pearland Audiology to anyone making a decision about hearing problems."
Robert from Pearland
"Dr. Araj is a caring professional who has your best interests at heart. He is readily available to answer questions or schedule an appointment without a long wait period to discuss concerns or make any needed adjustments to your hearing devices. He takes the time to listen to your concerns and jointly develops a recommendation based upon your feedback. I personally have presented some challenges that he has calmly tackled and resolved to my full satisfaction. He willingly spends whatever time is necessary to make sure your devices are optimized to your satisfaction. My hearing is much improved and I can only thank Dr. C. for his time and effort in achieving this."

Jane from Pearland

"Dr. Araj was a great help today when my mom’s hearing aid broke and she needed it up and running as soon as possible. My fear was that it would need to be sent off and she would be without it for a week or two but Dr. Araj was able to fix it on the spot! My mom was thrilled and I’m so glad to know that we now have our go-to Doctor right here in Pearland whenever she needs help with her hearing issues. I had a great experience and would definitely recommend him to friends and family."

Donna from Alvin
"I purchased hearing aids from Dr. Araj a year ago. I am very satisfied with them and highly recommend Dr. Araj to anyone with a hearing problem. He is very knowledgeable and patient when explaining options, takes time for every patient's needs, is very professional and easy to work with. I am glad I chose him for my hearing loss issues."
Patricia from Houston
"I came to see Dr. Araj for a hearing test today. He took great courtesy from the point of setting my appointment to the end of my session. Dr. Araj took the time to go over my results, explained and addressed my concerns in detail. I appreciate his professionalism and courtesy. His office is beautiful and smells great. His office is paperless and I was able to fill out online paperwork before my visit. Thanks Dr. Araj!"
Phil from Pearland
"Dr. Araj has always been very helpful and fair with me as I get adjusted to a new pair of hearing aids. Very good service and very quick to react to my needs, he truly cares about his patients and does his best to help achieve satisfaction."

Denise from Pearland- 5 star review:

"I would give more Star's if I could!!! If you think your afraid of the unknown, I feel it's very common in this area, I waited till I was 52 and regret waiting as long as I did, the feeling of being welcomed along with the personal one on one very, very compassionate and concerned for my well being, Dr Araj! His expertise and calming patience helped me to understand how to HEAR things I have not in many years. Thank you for everything and for opening a new door for not only myself but for what most people including myself take for granted to be able to hear again. Their office is impeccable! Thank you, thank you! Please give them a call, it's the best choice I have made in a very long time!"

Jeanette from Pearland
"I had several years of ear wax removed. It was done quickly and painlessly. Previously I have passed out during this procedure but not today."
Becky from Pearland
"Having hearing issues for the over 30 years we have dealt with many audiologists. Dr. Chris Araj was by far the best we have seen. He made understanding the results of the test easy, as well as informing us of the many new options now available to anyone needing to use hearing devices. We highly recommend Dr. Araj to anyone needing an audiologist and/or hearing aids. 
My hubby and I are very grateful for his every attention to details."
Steffanie from Pearland
"Dr. Araj was recommended to me by a good friend. He was able to fit me in ASAP and then accommodate my crazy schedule for follow-up. He was very kind, knowledgeable and compassionate. I have seen many audiologists over the years, but none have been as well-versed and as up to date as Dr.Araj. I'm glad I found him!"
Jill from Kemah 
"I have had my new Phonak hearing aids for two weeks now, and, while no hearing aid is perfect, these hearing aids improved several situations for me.  First, my son told me he didn't have to turn the volume on his cellphone down when talking to me after I got the new aids because I wasn't talking too loudly as I had done.  Second, I could hear my daughter-in-law after she previously had given up on having conversations because I couldn't hear her.  Third, for the first time in a long time, I could carry on a conversation with someone I was sitting by in a noisy restaurant.  Fourth, I have actually been able to hear people using a microphone at gatherings I attended.   Fifth, and probably the most significant, is improved hearing in my job as a substitute teacher.  I sub at all levels, and one day I subbed at an elementary school where the children gather in the morning for a warm-up.  One teacher is in charge, and usually when I sub at that school, I cannot hear anything she says because I am too far away.  I was pleasantly surprised that I could actually hear her!  I am also better able to hear people speaking to me from a distance, such as a teacher who sticks her head in the classroom to ask if I need anything. Tonite, I went out with four friends to a noisy restaurant, and I used the volume setting.  For the first time in I can't remember when, I was able to hear and participate in a conversation.  I am really thrilled with what these hearing aids can do.
    We made a few adjustments to the hearing aids today to hopefully make a couple of these situations even better.  However, Dr. Araj correctly assessed my need, fitted me with hearing aids that are a big improvement, and is available for support if needed.  I highly recommend Dr. Araj."
Carol from Pearland
"Love my new Oticon hearing aids! I can now hear the TV at a normal volume and hear conversations with a group of friends! Dr. Araj is the best! He is very knowledgeable and helpful and will answer any questions. I would definitely recommend Pearland Hearing Aids & Audiology and Dr. Chris Araj!"
Gerald from Pearland
"Dr. Araj clarified the hearing issue and then offered multiple solutions. He allowed me to ask multiple questions which assisted me in deciding on the specific aids to meet my needs. He never appeared to rush on to the next patient but rather gave me all the attention/time I needed. I would refer anyone in need of assistance in the issue of hearing loss."
Nancy from Pearland
"I needed a replacement mold for hearing aids that I had purchased in another state. I e-mailed Dr. Araj and he was so willing to help me. At the time he was out the town, answered my e-mails and set up an appointment the first day he was back. He fixed the mold that I had and ordered me a new one. I was impressed. I will return when I need new aids. I also highly recommend Pearland Hearing Aids and Audiology."
Linda from League City
"Dr. Araj has provided excellent care to my husband and I in helping us choose hearing aids that greatly improved our hearing. We travel to see him from Pennsylvania because we trust his professionalism. Can't say enough positives."
David from Deer Park
"Dr Araj and Pearland Hearing Aids and Audiology were extremely helpful in my transition to the hearing aid world. Dr Araj worked with me to ensure that I purchased the correct type for my hearing issues, as well as color and comfort. He then helped with all adjustments, fine tuning and programming. He has very easy hours to work around and making appointments is very easy. I will highly recommend him to all my friends and family."
George from League City
"I've used Dr. Araj for many years, even before he had his own location. I've always found him to be very professional and extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He has always been very accommodating working me into his schedule. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for hearing aids or testing."
Sarah from Pearland
"Dr. Araj was a great help to our family when we were getting a hearing aid for our child. He was very patient and great at relating to kids. I also appreciated how easy it was to contact Dr. Araj with questions and concerns - and we had a lot of them! Dr. Araj always replied quickly and thoroughly. It was easy to schedule appointments and to get into the office when needed. Overall, an excellent experience!"
Vicki from Houston
"Being fitted with hearing aids has opened a world that's always been there but I wasn't hearing it. Some things I've noticed: 1) I work in a cubicle and my co-worker asked me a question and for the first time I was able to hear her from across the cubicle and give her an answer, where normally I'll have to ask her to hold on so I can walk to her area. 2) I was in my home office and my cell phone was in my bedroom and I heard it ring. Normally my husband screams to tell me the phone is ringing. 3) When I walk outside I'm now able to notice the birds chirping. Thanks Dr. Araj!"
Ray from Angleton
"I work off shore with a crazy schedule. I needed repair of a hearing aid. I was able to get in to see Dr. Araj for the first time; the very next morning. After talking to him he was able to diagnose the problem and sent it in for repairs. I got it back fully repaired and on time with my schedule. Dr. Chris IS THE BEST!!!"

Pat from Pearland

"Dr. Araj has been a life saver for my elderly parents who were in need of repairs on their hearing aids. I called his office even before he officially opened his doors, still moving in, no furniture, he offered to see them that afternoon. He irrigated their ears, made repairs, and made a world of difference in their quality of hearing. If you are in need of these types of services please give Dr. Araj a call at Pearland Hearing Aids & Audiology you will not be disappointed!!!"

Roberto from Pearland

"Excellent service and excellent information and character. Would recommend very highly."

Gary from Pearland

"Just wanted to say thank you for your good service. I have had my hearing aids since September and I had a problem with one of them. I made an appointment with Dr Araj and he made a few adjustments and they are working fine. I appreciate the professionalism and the helpful service that Pearland Hearing Aids & Audiology offers. Thanks again Dr, Araj."

Butch from Pearland

"Dr. Araj has helped me hear better and that means a lot to an old man! His office is also very conveniently located."

Travis from Sargent
"Dr. Araj gives first class service and handles first class hearing aids. I would recommend him to anyone with a hearing problem. Don't settle for less!"

Tammy from Florida

"Dr. Araj far exceeded our expectations! He was very patient and really took the time to thoroughly explain everything and answer every question we had, never making us feel rushed. Additionally, he cordially went out of his way to accommodate our schedule so that my father could be fit with hearing aids while I was in town for a short visit. I could not have been more impressed with Dr. Araj and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of hearing aids!"

Tyler from Deer Park

"My wife and I came in to get impressions for custom in-ears. Dr. Chris and his team were knowledgeable, the facility was clean, and they got us in and out in a timely manner."

Christina and Jazmine from Houston

"Thank you Dr. Araj and Andres. You gave my daughter the gift of being able to hear. We are forever grateful for this life changing experience. With a full heart Thank you. You two made this life changing experience so easy and wonderful. I pray for life long blessings. Simply thank you."

"Howdy Everyone, 
I would like to take the time to say thank you to Dr. Chris Araj and the staff at Pearland Hearing Aids and Audiology. I recently returned to the Pearland area and was having trouble with my new hearing aids that I had purchased in the Texas Panhandle. Not wanting to make a trip up north for some warranty work, I began to call around and look for some assistance locally. After several negative phone calls to different hearing aid offices I called Pearland Hearing Aids and Audiology and spoke with Dr. Araj. I explained my delima and he said not to worry that he would help me in every way. He examined me and tested my hearing aids that afternoon. One hearing aid had to be returned to the manufacturer and was replaced at no charge and was then returned in three days. Dr. Araj then professionally programmed both hearing devices and refitted them to my ears. I cannot say enough about the professional way I was treated by him and his staff. I recommend Pearland Hearing Aids and Audiology to any and all persons that not only have a hearing loss but also to those persons who need to have their hearing professionally tested. He is #1 in my book. Thank you for reading my recommendations."

Lonnie Wolfe
Alvin Texas

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